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benchmark line and grade

We are heavily involved in technology and offer the most innovative ways to obtain and model 3-D data while preserving our environment. Our services cover a broad range of industries, such as educational, laboratory, healthcare & medical facilities. We provide 2D & 3D architectural floor plans, civil & structural engineering, forensic scene & heritage preservation, integrated project delivery and Building Information Modeling (BIM), the future of the building technology and construction industries.
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  • Laser Scanning

Whether you call it 3-D laser imaging, 3-D laser scanning, or high-definition surveying, it's a relatively new technology which has been used as a precise survey instrument only since 1998. Now, it is quickly becoming the new Industry Standard as a way to make and visually show very accurate measurements in complicated environments. Laser scanning is much faster and more accurate than conventual surveying. Laser scanning provides 3-D virtual tours with precise measurements of anything on-site. 
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3D laser scanning
construciton coordination

construction coordination

Benchmark Line & Grade can help you adopt the new standard of construction layout, which integrates project delivery and building information modeling. Find Out More

construciton coordination

construction coordination

What is Clash Detection? Clash detection allows for the effective identification, inspection and reporting of interferences in 3D project model. Read More

construciton coordination

construction coordination

Using Revit software to design the proposed construction,  we gain a competitive edge and substantial time relief on the coordination schedule of a project. Read More

3D laser scanning for architects

3D scanning for architecture

3D scanning technology is an outstanding medium for quickly generating reliable high-resolution 3D recordings for architectural applications. Learn More

engineering using scanned surveys

3D scanning for engineers

Scanned surveys were used to map Hurricane Katrina's damage to the New Orleans levees. This project would have been difficult with traditional surveying methods. Read More

facilities management

3D scanning for facilities management

HDS and Thermal Imaging provide powerful visualization of the job site, right on your desktop. Users can easily navigate the scene and closely inspect areas of interest. Read More

3D laser scanning for forensics and law enforcement

forensics scene investigation with 3D scanning

3D laser scanning gives you the ability to go back, even years later, to explore detailed images and accurate measurements of the original crime or accident scene. Watch Video

topographic maps
survey control and laser scanning

Benchmark Line & Grade provided survey control and laser scanning to produce a detailed planimetric and topographic site map. The site design and building placement for the new Visual and Performing Arts Center at the Western Connecticut State University Westside campus was extremely challenging. Read More

topographic maps
survey control and laser scanning

Here are some case studies that showcase how BIM and integrated project management can save you time and money. Find Out More

Historical Preservation with Laser ScanningMount Rushmore to get laser treatment - USA TODAY reports. Read More

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